Trump Reopens Government, Bringing Shutdown To An End


The longest partial shutdown in America’s history has finally come to an end following Democrats insistence on reopening before negotiations. 

President Donald Trump, on Friday, agreed to end the 35 days government shutdown after reaching a deal with the Congress. The president said that negotiations over the U.S. – Mexico border wall were still ongoing and that the House has until Feb.15 to reach an agreement on the amount of money to approve for the project.

Reacting to Trump’s agreement to end the shutdown, Speaker Nancy Pelosi
said “the strength of the House Democratic is our diversity but our power is our unity. And the President probably underestimated this.”

After Mr. Trump made the announcement to end the shutdown in the afternoon, the Senate and the House passed the plan by voice vote before adjourning. The plan was later signed into law by the president on Friday night.

The shutdown had affected the proper functioning of government agencies, preventing safety inspections by the
Food and Drug Administration agency and hindering the IRS from processing tax refunds. The end of the shutdown will allow about 800,000 federal workers who have missed two consecutive paychecks to receive back pay.

The president said, in his announcement, that a bill will be signed to fund the government for three weeks and that he expects the Congress to reach an agreement that would satisfy his demands within this time. If they fail to do as expected, the president said he would have to continue the shutdown or invoke emergency powers.

The Democrats who have now taken over the House of Representatives refused to give in to Trump’s demands.
They insisted that the President reopens the government before they can engage in any serious negotiations. Not even Trump’s decision to withhold the pay of government workers could make them concede.

Last year, Chuck Schumer, the Democratic leader in the Senate offered Mr. Trump $25bn to execute the border wall project in exchange for citizenship for some 700,000 long-stay illegal immigrants he had threatened to deport. The president turned down the offer which, till this day, is the best he could have had. Right now, the Democrats are not willing to allow Trump to get his way even with all his threats. Speaker Pelosi has said that the border wall is “immorality.”

Mersiha Gadzo

I partially work as an editorial intern for Industry Module, I am journalist and online producer for Al Jazeera English. Prior to joining Al Jazeera I worked as a freelancer in Bosnia & Herzegovina and the occupied Palestinian territories. I also covered health care policy, business, and strategy for FORBES. My work has appeared at Vox, Kaiser Health News and other publications. Full bio

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