Trump considers another’s border trip as he makes plans to host PR campaign ahead of the wall funding debate


President Donald Trump orders his aides to start a three-week long PR campaign ahead of the debate for border wall funding.

In a bid to influence new negotiations for the funding of his proposed border wall, the president has asked his aides to start a three-week long public relations campaign. He is also making plans to take another trip to the border. His latest move comes shortly after he agreed to reopen the government for three weeks even without receiving the funding for the wall project.

The deadline for the funding is February 15th. So far, the White House has made plans to host events that will highlight the woes of immigration. Trump’s aides said that the president will most likely take another visit to the Mexican border. While the aides decided to remain anonymous, they said that Trump has made a final decision about the matter. The last time Trump visited the border was on the 10th of January 2019.

Officials in the White House are creating their game plan. The lawmakers had a discussion on Wednesday about avoiding another shutdown and Trump’s request to build a border wall. RJ Hauman of the Federation for American Immigration said that the Trump administration needs to be more stern when it comes to negotiations. In his words:

“This administration needs to be hands-on and forceful when it comes to negotiations. They have to take issues concerning the American public seriously.”

Trump has two events scheduled ahead of February 15th. One is his annual State Union address while the other is the CBS Super Bowl interview on Sunday. The two events will give Trump an opportunity to frame the committee negotiations. His White House aides will not take part in these events directly.

By February 15th the final decision will be made and everyone would know if Trump’s demands will be met or the government shutdown will resume again.

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