GOP shows support for trump’s immigration policies


Republicans have come to the defense of Trump as he proposes new immigration policies.

The U.S president may be one of the most highly criticized people in the world but he is winning the support of those who had earlier opposed his leadership pattern. Nearly three years after the 2016 GOP primaries, Sen Marco Rubio is advocating for Trump’s immigration policies and even supporting his government-shutdown ploy.

On Saturday, The Florida senator tweeted about the President’s immigration proposal. “POTUS is willing to support two bills proposed by Democrats in exchange for Border Security and the Democrat leaders instantly refused the offer”, he wrote. He also said that “Not allowing the president win on border is more important to them than paying the wages of federal workers or three years of certainty for TPS and DACA recipients”.

Sen. Rubio described Democrats as obstructionists who have rejected Trump’s proposal because they fear it would give the president an edge in the forthcoming elections.

Before Marco Rubio backed out of the presidential nomination race in 2016, he mocked Trump for making the immigration issue a major piece of his campaign and claiming to have single-handedly elevated the issue. The 47-year-old senator whose parents are Cuban immigrants revealed that his grandfather was once asked to leave the country, but the decision was eventually reversed. Trump called the senator “little Marco” and even called him a liar after Marco said that Trump was the only person among the presidential nominees to have been fined for hiring people illegally.

Sen. Marco’s defense of Trump’s policies shows that the president is prepared to fulfill his border wall campaign promise. Trump is uniting the different factions within the GOP in order to have an upper hand against top Democrats in Washington about America’s teetering immigration system.

Apart from Rubio, other Republicans like Sen. Mitt Romney, who also has a   history with Trump, showed support for the president’s compromise on Saturday. He suggested that the proposal was reasonable and that the intentions were noble. He concluded by saying that he looks forward to voting this week.

Mersiha Gadzo

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